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As the founder of 7e Wellness, I would like to welcome you to participate in our ongoing wellness program offered at 7e Fitspa. You are now part of a community of all 7e Fitspa family members. This is the platform where we share our stories, inspire each other and make 7e Fitspa our destination for health and wellness. We strive to build this community platform, where we can motivate each other, push our limits, and reach our individual goals.

Our mission is to inspire healthy and mindful lifestyle, using unique combination of natural and scientific therapies – one person and one neighborhood at a time.


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Summer is heating up- what water is best?

It’s gettin’ hot in here!

Summers in Tucson are known for being quite brutal, and Tucsonans are already feeling the threat of triple digit temperatures.  Hydration levels are always important, especially as the mercury begins to rise this time of year.  Daily, clients ask how much water they should be drinking, only to follow it up by saying they do not like drinking water- which is one of the reasons the designer waters are becoming so popular.  It comes in a variety of colors and…

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Torc Experience

NEW! VibraFit: Vibration Fitness Technology

Getting to know the new VibraFit service at 7e Fit Spa!

As you may have noticed, there has been a new service introduced at a few of our 7e Fit Spa locations. This new service is now known as VibraFit, thanks to many of our clients who voted in store! The VibraFit helps take our TORC Body Sculpting and Infrared Sauna services to a whole new level!…

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"I would recomend 7e Fit Spa to everyone I know"

I had never heard of 7e Fit Spa, until I got a flyer in my mailbox.  I had been working out and doing crunches and seemed to not be getting anywhere, so when I got the flyer I called and made an appointment.  When I arrived Angela told me all about the program and exactly what Torcs were.  So I signed up and did Torcs, saunas, and facials and enjoyed all of it. I finally saw the great results in my abs that I had been trying to get on my own.  I would recommend…

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Myolift Before After Gallery

Torc Before After Gallery

Tor Success Story


In 1999 while in the Marines I injured my hip/leg pretty bad. By not exercising or really able to, and eating bad I gained weight. In addition they had me on several medications. After approximately 9 to 10 years of being over 200 pounds I decided it was time to get the weight off. I could barely walk I was miserable.

Approximately four years ago I started using 7e. I was on the verge of losing…

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